We enhance your workplace safety with precision technologies. We help mining savings in your daily operations.

Edsa.CA – Environmental Data Services & Analytics is a division of BOSSS Inc., a Data Management company that has been helping Canadian businesses progress their bottom line for over 13 years. Our focus is on capturing quality raw data, using drone/UAV (now RPAS) technology. We acquire, organize, process, analyze, and re-purpose the data for enterprise business processes, simultaneously streamlining documentation workflow to achieve greater degrees of efficiency, in terms of both time and money.

The concepts of “50% time-saving” or “80% cost-saving” are no long mere ideologies or fairy tales. They are today’s success stories from organizations that pioneered adoption and incorporation of drone technology.

The sky’s the limit, and it is not too late to get started. Let us help your organization to realize these savings while delivering its core objectives. Your enterprise proprietary data is your corporate currency, possessing a uniqueness unattainable by surrounding competitors. Harnessing this uniqueness is the key to continued success and, to do that, one must first effectively utilize their available data.

To be or not to be, to use or not to use – that is no longer the question at hand.

The conclusion involves the seamless integration of technology into business operations, which consequently streamline workflow and continuously mine savings in daily operations.

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